Your capacity is much higher than you think! Don't let a test get in your way of the next step in your career. Boost your result in apitude tests and improve problem solvning skills!



My objective is to prepare for with the time frame of

59 kr       / week

Intensive training

You're ready to take the next step in your career and it's approaching pretty fast, possibly within months. Start now and develop your skills until that dream job is yours!

  • Pay-Per-Week
  • Quit when you want
  • Compare results with others

Start with Intense

399 kr       / 3 months

Career Ambition Training

For the long-term planner. Preparation to overcome obstacles like aptitude tests is the best way to achieve your career goals. Best value for money.

  • One-Time payment
  • Best-Rate available
  • Optional - prolong with only 89 kr / month

Start with Ambitious Plan

Aptitude tests are getting more common. Prepare yourself today! Don't miss out on the interview to the job of your dreams!

We help our users take the next step in their careers - no matter if it's about getting to the interview to the job of your dreams or an evaluation of career material in your workplace. The help comes in two shapes - by making you more comfortable with aptidude tests, and by sharpening the result in the tests.You will be taken through a flow adapted  to your capacities, strenghts and weaknesses, with feedback that improves your ability to answer rapidly - and correctly.

Each person has individual prerequisites to improve their results, and they way to get there is individually adapted learning. The flow is available to you no matter the amount of time you have, no matter of how you'd like to practice: in the phone, on the computer or on a tablet. Five minutes here or there, or half a day at a time. Even small efforts gives improvement.

Modern Pedagogic

You learn by getting an appropriate challenge. Through the individually adapted flow of questions and feedback you'll each time receive the proper level, and will be taken forward in every moment.

Reach over a common obstacle

To many people aptitude tests are a troublesome obstacle on the path to the dreamjob - or to just a job at all. You know that if you only get to the interview, you can shine and be yourself - but too often nerves, unfamiliarity with tests and bad luck stand in the way.

Where you are

SquidFactor allows you to improve your result no matter where you are - in the car queue, over a cup of coffee or at home. Everything you need is a cell phone and a couple of minutes at a time.